May 3, 2016

Soho Style: Cherry Blossom

7 months of cold can cause the urge in most people to try to survive by any costs. No matter if that means compromising who you are as a person and your authenticity behind it. The city of Cleveland is a cold blistering place during that time. If you're in the city you know we all dread that unavoidable 7 months. However it's a certain poetic justice to dancing with the wind and snow for 7 months only to come out on the other side of spring a better man for it. The weather will never compromise you, your approach to it will. Be you. Allow your authenticity to always remain evident no matter your circumstances of rain, snow, sleet, or  sunshine. These things are all necessary to 12 months in the city. The song & dance with the city of love and despair. Cherry Blossom.

Shot ByJudy Medina

Styled ByJunior IV

Locale: 216

BrandsZaraH&M, Goorin Brothers, Banana Republic, Ilthy



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