Jun 25, 2016

Introducing June's Diary

                             Introducing five beautiful women who are chasing their destinies.

 Kelly Rowland's new R&B girl group has finally been put into place. After putting dozens of young ladies through a no-nonsense selection process to eventually form a group of five talented songstresses on BET's Chasing Destiny. The show was amazing but this is real life for these songbirds who can all vocally hold their own. I'm excited for these ladies because they are authentic and just are chasing their destinies. Vocally these ladies can give us anything sound we want and I'm excited to see their journey music to come. R&B music today is missing those good ole girl group power songs. The timing is just right.

In addition to announcing their name, Kristal, Shyann, Ashley, Gabby and Brienna also released yet another single from their upcoming debut album. The latest from June's Diary is titled "L.A.N.C.E," and is currently available on Apple Music.
You can stream it for a first listen here.

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