Jul 18, 2016

EVE Talks Style, Marriage and Advice from Queen Latifah for The Coveteur

Hip-Hop Icon turned-actress welcomed The Coveteur into her New York City home to check out her designer filled closet. Beyond showing off her amazing clothes she also revealed the amazing advice she's received over the years from stars like Ice Cube, Queen Latifah and Snoop Dogg.

Eve has been living life she got married and has been settling down with her husband in London.
She is know a Step mom to three beautiful kids. She talks about advice she received from Ice Cube about people in your life and taking care of your business. If you give someone a certain amount of years and they don’t show up after that time, it’s time to rotate, which makes so much sense. Queen Latifah always told her to diversify and do other things and try new things. Queen Latifah is Mogul and she has made herself a brand. It's only right Eve wants to do the same for herself. Longevity in this business is what artist should strive for. Eve has done it all to acting, music, fashion designer and more. Now she is  ready for grown woman moves and is building an empire with her husband Mr. Gumball himself Maximillion Cooper. Slay Eve, slay.


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