Jul 11, 2016

Get Into the Essence of Zendaya

  Zendaya is glowing on the cover of Essence's August Global Issue with a mission. The triple threat is taking over each industry one day at a time and using her platform for the greater good.

The Covergirl ambassador opens up  about taking a stand against racial and social injustices that often times celebs tend to shun away from.
 She credits her boldness to share her thoughts with the world to her parents, who both taught in the Oakland school district and made it a point to teach her respectability politics.

“When I talk to people about [standing up for myself], it’s not new,” she said. “It’s not something I just started doing. I Just did it in public, and more people saw it than usual. I don’t remember when I didn’t do it, to be completely honest. I think that’s just the way I was raised, or the way my parents just taught me to be…”

A triple threat she is at only 19 she is just getting started. She is the change we seek for my generation. Also my best friend in my head. Essence's August issue is on stands now.

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