Jul 9, 2016

Get to Know Beyonce's Proteges Chloe x Halle Bailey

Atlanta born artists Chloe and Halle are as talented as they are winsome and seem destined for stardom. Signed to Beyonce's label Parkwood Entertainment they are a shining light for music right now and authentic as can be.

At first glance practically twins, with glorious dreadlocked hair. But they sing so differently: Chloe fiercely strident, Halle with a languid dreaminess. Chloe has the more classic R&B voice with heavy vibrato, while Halle’s voice is tremulous with jazz inflections, as you can tell from watching them side by side in close frame singing heartfelt covers of Top 40 hits on their YouTube channel, Chloe x Halle, where they’ve been posting since 2008, way back when they were 8 and 10.  Now 16 and 17 they are just getting started and EP Sugar Symphony is just an introduction.  In “Drop,” their debut and an utter banger of a single, the duo combines operatic, haunting verses with strong and folk-influenced choruses over big ol’ dollops of bass, spiraling drum solos, and lyrics that amplify that. Listen below.


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