Jul 24, 2016

How Coco & Breezy Hustled Their Way To The Top

Corianna and Brianna, also known as Coco and Breezy, are the founders of a cutting edge sunglass brand based in New York City that aims to reach new fashion heights and introduce fashion connoisseurs all over the world to their unique sense of style and original accessories. See how these sisters hustled for their dreams.

They were unexpected eyewear moguls at the ripe old age of 24 and building a global brand in the process. In fact, their journey from the burbs of Minnesota, where they were bullied for being the kids with “lip piercings, crazy red mohawks, black lipstick,” to designing sunglasses coveted by celebs like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna, only confirms that hard work does pay off.

“Celebrities are cool, but we want to make everyone feel like a celebrity.”

Their clientele now boasts a diverse set of celebrity devotees. Ashanti was the first to discover them, and when she showed up wearing a custom pair of their shades at the Hip Hop Honor Awards in 2009, the brand blew up overnight. Kelly Osbourne lifted a pair straight off of red carpet interviewer Micah Jesse (also a friend of the twins). Soon after she was seen sporting them on Good Morning America and Dancing with the Stars. Then mega-star Prince came knocking and the iconic, round-rimmed 3rdeyeglass with those unforgettable psychadellic blue lenses was born (which he wore at his most recent SNL performance may he rest in peace) But it’s not all about the celebs. It's about inspiring the everyday people in every way.  Coco and Breezy inspire me to continue to fight for my passion with my blog and growing with it.  If your stuck or contemplating about your passion just go for it. We have one life to live so we better live it to the fullest.


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