Jul 26, 2016

Meet Atlantic Records New Artist ELHAE

 ELHAE  is a polished rapper, singer and producer with a tireless work ethic and a wide range of influences. His new project, All Have Fallen, is a cohesive, smooth body of work containing 11 tracks of hits.

The North Dakota-born artist whose moniker serves as an acronym of "Every Life Has An Ending," He used to have dreams of becoming an architect, but now he’s the architect of his own music career.
He's an artist that speaks from his heart, which reflects genuinely, sincerely and passionately in his music. Timeless music is what we need and ELHAE has the sound. He is influenced by many artist like Usher, Mos Def to The Isley Brothers and Marvin Gaye. There is nothing hiding his emotions from the listener; everything you hear is everything he is. If you’ve taken a look at the internet over the past few years, you’ll see that millions of people online have found a home in his voice and production. He is an artist period who cares about his craft.

Listen to ALL I HAVE here ITUNES

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