Aug 13, 2016

"Champion Lover" Official Music Video by Nina Sky

Nina Sky returns with a new Caribbean-infused R&B track called "Champion Lover" the lead single off their forthcoming album Brightest Gold, marking their first major label release since their 2004 self-titled debut. 

The ladies stay moving, a conclusion they reached back when they started out in the music business more than a decade ago: Even when you’re signed, hustle like you’re not. “That stayed in my head, even today,” Nicole says. “If you’re not hustling from the ground up, you’re hustling from the top.”The 32-year-old sisters have consistently released some of the best music from "The Other Side, "Nicole and Natalie". They have also maintained an active career as in-demand DJs, spinning vinyls at clubs all around the world and, occasionally, in hot spots across the city that they still call home.

Nicole and Natalie have definitely evolved into hard working, beautiful artist and are staying true to making music that makes them happy. Till Brightest Gold makes its debut later this year, dance the summer away with the video to "Champion Lover" above.


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