Aug 22, 2016

Spotlight: Ameriie Shares Her Books and Beauty Through YouTube

Ameriie is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, producer, writer of fiction, and a beauty, style, and lifestyle connoisseur. Known for her electrifying vocals, charismatic live performances, and trademark fusion of musical influences, Ameriie continues to thrive through YouTube.

Ameriie hit the scene in 2002 with her debut album, All I Have, considered by many to be a modern classic. But it was her infectious single “1 Thing” from the Hitch soundtrack that had everyone trippin’ and took her to the next level. "Books, Beauty, Ameriie is her YouTube channel that has shows Ameriie in another light. It's her oasis to talk about her favorite books, her writings and beauty. It shows that Ameriie doesn't have to just express herself through singing always. With her YouTube channel she reaches a new audience and shines a light on how important reading is. 

I'm a sharer.

Whenever I find something that I love, I can't help but want to share it with everyone--including strangers. I've thrust great books into the hands of new acquaintances, gushed with girlfriends over my latest beauty find, and hipped my sister to the latest nutrition news. And you know the girl that always gets stuck doing everyone else's makeup until she has only ten minutes to get ready herself? Yep. That's me. In interviews, I'm often asked about my skincare and haircare routines, my makeup, my style, and my fitness regimen. I began my channel to share with you all of that and more. -Ameriie

Check it out here BOOKS BEAUTY AMERIIE


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