Oct 31, 2016

Lala Anthony for The Coveteur

Lala Anthony lets The Coveteur raid her closet and gets her talking about her evolving style through the years. The media maven can do a bit of everything and has a shoe collection to prove it. 

If the New York Times Best selling author had to describe her style she would sum it up as edgy with a splash of tomboy. Throw in a bit of chic pieces with a jacket or some boots and she’s set to go. Lala has one of the best shoe games in the industry.

“If I had to describe my style, I’d say whatever I’m feeling that day," LaLa said. “Naturally, I’m more on the tomboy side, so I try to bring some edginess to my clothes—whether it’s through a leather jacket, or a pair of boots that I love.”

“I definitely see a difference in [fashion becoming more diverse]. We still have a way to go, but whether it’s curvier women, or women who look more like the everyday girl, I’m seeing a lot more diversity. It’s nice to see women of all skin tones, all shapes and sizes modeling, because that’s what the world looks like. Everyone’s not a size zero, or a size two, and if you want to cater to the world, you have to show diversity in skin color, and size, and everything. It makes me excited when I see that.”

As for how she got her foot in showbiz, LaLa credits her humble beginnings working for free as an intern:

“I started as an intern at a radio station. I’m such a big advocate of getting in on the ground level of what you want to do and learning everything you can. I feel like internship programs aren’t as popular because people don’t want to work for free, but interning is the first step in saying, ‘Is that what I want to do?’, understanding what it takes, learning the ropes.”

Lala is surely an inspiration for myself as she continues to push herself through acting, writing, hosting and designing. She can do it a bit of everything with a smile. Her bestselling book "The Power Playbook will be turned into a movie soon.

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