Nov 19, 2016

Beige & Coco by Draya Michele

Draya Michele made her way from reality TV to the world of fashion. First Mint Swim, to Fine Ass Girls, and now Beige and Coco, Draya has let everyone know she can hold her own in this industry.

Beige & Coco is a capsule collection for the modern woman, designed by multi-talented and successful entrepreneur Draya Michele. With her continued success as a designer for her swimwear brand, Mint Swim, Draya wanted to not only showcase her exceptional design skills but to highlight her own personal growth, evolving style choices and exemplar. Motivated by her own versatile looks, this collection was created for the ideal woman who needs a mix of professional yet casual pieces that can easily transition to a glamorous night out.

Mixing cutting-edge patterns with classic looks, the line caters to a range of women who are comfortable in their own bodies and sensuality. Staple pieces from t-shirts, shorts, jackets, trousers and dresses are given a modern, sexy edge. This will be a new favorite brand for women eager to invest in quality designs that will complement wardrobe styles they already love.

Beige & Coco represents any woman seeking versatile flair with an upscale look at an affordable price for trends that will never go out of style. Very classic pieces that can go for any occassion. Draya is always on her hustle. Slay Draya!

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