Dec 20, 2016

Yasmin Sewell One of Fashion's Biggest Luminaries

Innovator, is the word that come to mind when describing international style icon Yasmin Sewell. The fashion director, whose elegant and quirky ensembles have made her a street-style favorite, never fails at serving up a killer look.

Yasmin who helped relaunch the new in the UK this September. But even before that, the site’s fashion director, and Who What Wear’s Street Style Star of the Year, has been as much a fashion week staple as the clothes, the designers, or the after-parties are. It’s due to not only her creative and cutting-edge outfits, but also her chameleon-like ability to thrive professionally in multiple corners of the fashion world.

“Someone who has innate and timeless style, it’s who they are. Fashion is of a moment. It’s always changing and evolving, which I love.”- Yasmin Sewell

The Australian-born, London-based fashion consultant’s juxtaposition of androgynous tailoring with feminine silhouettes has made her a draw card for the omnipresent crowd of street-style photographers at the shows, and the subject of endless admiring blog posts such as this one.
She has built an influential fashion career on her sense of intuition. Opening her own successful boutique at just 22, she went on to help launch the careers of designers such as Christopher Kane and Thomas Tait as a buyer for Browns and Liberty. Yasmin has maintained longevity in the fashion industry because of her will to try different paths. She was the first big street style star I saw when I became in love with fashion and always be one of my favorites. She is authentic. I wonder what path she goes down next.


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