Jan 29, 2017

Kelly Rowland's Essence

Kelly Rowland shines bright in everything she does whether its music, acting, mentoring or in fashion.

You've watched her in Destiny's Child, and then you watched her embark on a successful solo career. You watched her win Grammys and sell millions of records. Kelly Rowland has also, built a girl group called June's Diary and is truly building an empire. She has evolved into a grown ass woman I must say and it is surely showing. 

Recently, she has evolved into Margot Scotts, her character in the new Lifetime movie “Love By the 10th Date. The two-hour movie, written and directed by Nzingha Stewart, follows Margot and her friends Gabby (Megan Goode), Billie (Keri Hilson) and Nell (Kellee Stewart) — who all work at an upscale digital magazine in LA as they look for love in different ways (bisexuality, open marriage).

Margot, a reporter, has chosen a life of celibacy — feelings that are challenged when she ends up dating one of her interview subjects, controversial reggae musician Big Stunna (played by musician/actor Black Shakespeare).It was an amazing movie and a fab girls night movie to really discuss how women and men view relationships. Stay fab Kelly!

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