Feb 14, 2017

Public School Fall 2017 RTW

Public School's Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne returned to the NYFW  with a collection that took on borders and freedom.

Transferring the antiwall message to functioning clothes could have made for awkward viewing, but Osborne and Chow handled it beautifully. Drawing from archetypes of nomadic cultures, they mused on what items might best serve a wandering population through various topographies, climates and unknown circumstances. That they did so with deft crossover into present and past street motifs proved all the better — this is fashion, not a soapbox. To that end, an ironic turn came via sweatshirts emblazoned with a huge portrait of Michael Jordan, himself notoriously apolitical in his own marketing endeavors.
Osborne and Chow’s discomfort with the country’s current political posture doesn’t extend to their hometown. Hats and sweats spelled it out: “Make America New York.”

It spoke to the times in other words. They will never stop delivering.


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