Mar 3, 2017

Long Live The Chief by Jidenna

Jidenna is the Classic Man but some would day they were still unsure of what to make of him. In between cameos in the Netflix original series Luke Cage, and the HBO comedic drama Insecure, as well as an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Jidenna was hard at work crafting his debut studio album, The Chief, a collection of songs that are diverse in nature and showcase the newcomer’s range as an MC and songwriter. The Chief is definitely an amazing album and great first impression for people who haven't heard his music. To being apart of Wondaland records with great company such as Janelle Monae, St Beauty, and Roman GianArthur.

Having spent the last three years recording in Atlanta studios, The Chief is beholden to the amorphous structuring and fluidity of Georgia’s current luminaries. Jidenna identifies as Igbo one of Africa’s dominant ethnic groups native to Southeastern Nigeria. A man proud of where he came from but also knows where he is going.



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