Mar 31, 2017

The Two Of Us by Chloe x Halle

Chloe x Halle

The Soul sista singers and songwriters dropped their latest mix tape, "The Two of Us," last week and their latest EP, "Sugar Symphony," in April 2016. The ladies make it clear that they are writing their own songs for this and it very much sounds like it.  The production is A1 and, if they are doing this themselves they need to branch out to work with other artists. I'm in love with Chloe and Halle because how carefree they are and how they are taking their time with their art. Nothing forced and they are living life as young beautiful women. Just listen below and be taken away.

1. Used to Love (00:00)
2. Forbidden Fruit (1:24)
3. Eyes (3:13)
4. Poppy Flower (3:48)
5. Wonder (6:34)
6. Friendships (7:25)
7. Worry (8:57)
8. Upset Stomach (10:34)
9. Too Complex (12:51)
10. Simple (13:11)
11. Gone (14:57)
12. All I Ever Wanted [Happiness] (16:19)
13. Fly Away (17:00)
14. Working (19:13)
15. Lucky Leap (21:42)
16. Lullaby (23:40)

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