Nov 24, 2017

She The Collection by Carmen Alexandra

She The Collection launched in 2014 by Carmen Alexandra. After years of blogging and recycling fashion Carmen decided to produce the clothing that she recieved numerous inquiries about selling.  After being inspired by current trends but discouraged by the fit of most clothing She The Collection's design process started. She The Collection is for the modern woman, the curvy, girly, edgy, and trendy girl of the current generation.

"I took a leap of faith to be where I am, and I am forever blessed grateful to be self employed and doing what I love. I think life is way too short to waste working a job that you don't like or anything that makes you unhappy. You have to make yourself happy and proud in everything that you do, feed your soul and live your best life. Speak peace, love, happiness, health, and wealth over your life and they will be brought to you abundantly!"- Carmen Alexandra

                                           SHE THE COLLECTION

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