Oct 20, 2018

How Lace By Tanaya Is Making Women Embrace Their Sensuality

Tanaya Henry is a woman who exudes confidence in everything she does. As designer and jewelry maker of her own company, Lace By Tanaya.

Her pieces have probably been seen on your favorite celebrity, magazine, and music video. She built her brand with passion, love and hard work. Tanaya turned her creativity into a business for years to come. Her jewelry is truly one of kind from crystal garters, diamond body chains and gold anklets.  She models her line in the most powerful way anyone can. She promotes sensuality and women feeling a certain way when they wear her line. As women we have to feel comfortable in our own skin no matter what and Lace By Tanaya gives that extra boost to any woman. Each piece is handcrafted by Tanaya. In 2018 take a stand on your sensuality and really love the skin your in physically, emotionally and spiritually. The journey to awaken and embody our sensuality is the most rewarding and divine journey a women can take.

I adore Tanaya and her authenticity.

                          LACE BY TANAYA


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