Dec 17, 2017

Soulfully Ratchet Audra The Rapper

Born in Washington DC and raised in Richmond, Virginia to a single mother and grandmother, Audra was forbidden to listen to rap music because of its often-violent nature and aggressive misogyny. Instead, her childhood home was filled with the sounds of jazz, soul, and RnB leading Audra to take a more musical approach to rap. Studying the styles of Floetry, Kanye West and Lauryn Hill, Audra began writing poetry that later became the narrative to her songwriting. I feel in love with Audra's sound when I first saw her on the tv show Sisterhood Of Hip Hop last year. She is authentic in her words and I love her style.

Audra's goal is to remain honest and outspoken in the music.  Audra's latest project, Anti Love Songs is available on all major streaming outlets including Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.

                     SOULFULLY RATCHET


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