Jan 7, 2018

Living Shamelessly

2018 is the year of living shamelessly. Everyone in the world has a right to live in their truth and be honest with who they to themselves. That's me in those amazing photos above, yes Arielle Proctor the Creator of Soho District.Thank you so much to my constant readers and supporters. This is no new year resolution but it is a resolution. Living shamelessly and not being afraid to be ourselves. The world tries to change us on the daily and it takes real power and strength to be who we were born to be.

I'm currently exploring the 6 Pillars of Knowing Yourself aka The 6 Pillars of Intimacy: Desire, Receiving, Truth, Letting Go, Trust and Love by Krista Kujat.
It's all about getting clear on who you are. Not who you who are "post to be." Figuring out what makes you happy, your affirmations, how certain things make you feel, and what's important to you. Dead the noise and get reacquainted with you.

Live life abundantly always.


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