Feb 23, 2018

Why Personal Style Is So Important

I learned that a true understanding of your own worth will radiate through what you wear, and that's real style. Anytime I want to feel particularly confident, I find myself reaching for strong silhouettes and bold colors. My blazer keeping my back straight, the popped collar encouraging me to keep my chin up, my pencil skirt reminding me to walk with swagger. It may sound silly, but who can deny the power of a bright red dress that flatters in all the right ways and billows behind you as you conquer the day? Generally as humans, we have a great desire to be understood and clothing is one way to reveal who we are to others. In this respect, clothing is actually a form of communication. We may not realize it, but the way we dress gives everyone around us all kinds of information about who we are. If you're someone who wears a lot of black, your no-nonsense approach to dressing might convey how you approach life in general. If you love busy prints and bright colors, you might not be afraid to take risks or be different. We're expressing hundreds of things about ourselves without even opening our mouths. This is why I'm such a proponent of personal style. Style gives us the power to visually express what we cannot verbally, to reveal who we are in a way that is entirely unique to ourselves and our clothing. It’s an approach, a method, a technique that has been chosen by you to best represent who you are as a person.

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