Mar 2, 2018

Essence Black Women In Hollywood Award Style

Fashion never disappoints on the ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood red carpet, and this year's event was no exception. See some of the most stunning looks of the night, as some of the biggest names in Hollywood gathered to celebrate excellence among Black women in film and television.

Tessa Thompson said she believes the film industry has reached a turning point. “I think there’s been a real seismic shift. I think when you look at the honorees today, we’re not just being celebrated on this stage, but on a global stage. In the past, there was this idea that a black face doesn’t sell overseas and then you see Danai Gurira in a film that is tearing down that mythology,” she said, referencing “Black Panther. What a beautiful night tp see all those amazing stars in one room celebrating each other. The Essence Black Women In Hollywood will be televised Saturday March 3rd at 10pm on OWN TV.


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