Mar 19, 2018

Lisa Bonet the Ultimate Influencer

Lisa Bonet talks to SANJIV BHATTACHARYA of Net-A-Porter about her inspiring personal journey and how family always comes first.

Her life up in these mountains, she says, is “quiet, tranquil and, yeah, a bit reclusive. But that’s my Scorpio nature. I already have that loner personality.” She fits right in here, barefoot, in baggy pants and a wide-brimmed hat, dreadlocks framing her face and a Native American blanket wrapped around her. My love for Lisa Bonet is deep. She’s very much an earth mother. The Bonet household has no television, just one computer. And she never checks her phone in front of her kids. She encourages them to play on the land, use their imagination. Lisa has always remained true to herself and her family connection. Her free spirit is always so freeing for me because it helps me continue to find myself in this world. Thank you Lisa for always being yourself in a world that constantly changes us.

                                                                           Get more Lisa here LISA BONET 

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