Apr 6, 2018

Isolation By Kali Uchis

We've been blessed with that signature blissful, smokey soul from Uchis. The album Isolation  is here finally and is filled with a diverse palette of sounds, from silky bossa nova tunes to upbeat reggaeton, and collaborations with Steve Lacy, Thundercat, Bad Bunny, and Jorja Smith. At 15 tracks long, the record is exactly how you’d imagine it: dreamy, feverish and crammed with feminine power. Her sound is one of sunshine and lowrider culture, pastel-colored by day and neon-tainted by night, the sort of thing you’d imagine floating out someone’s windows in Bogotá or LA as they hung up their washing to dry in the mid-morning heat. Listening to these songs, you get the feeling that Kali Uchis occupies a perennial state of “being in love,” her delivery blissful and far-away, her lyrics full of romance.A total vibe the whole album is and I certainly am in Kali's world.

                                                               LISTEN HERE KALI UCHIS

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