Apr 15, 2018

The Brand: Fe Noel

 Fe Noel is a conceptual lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and sensibility of its designer, Fe Noel. Defined by simple silhouettes, plunging necklines and quality fabrics, each design exudes an innovative mix of sensibility and sensuality. Created for the multi-faceted woman that embodies a love for travel and style. I came across Fe Noel a year ago on Instagram and have been hooked ever since. The brand speaks to my soul. Her style is my style from big palazzo pants and a more oversized look but super chic. Felisha has true style and truly is renaissance woman.

 Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York Felisha Noel came into the fashion industry in a pure and organic nature. Her skills were self-taught through application and hands on experience. Her desire to express her vision through design, and the emotional experience she can provide for her clients is the driving force behind the brand. Her goal is to create a world full of relentless stimulation and innovation through design, travel and style. Fe Noel has been featured in Harlem’s Fashion Row, Vogue Italia, various music videos, and PROM Creative film “OLGA”.

  See more Fe Noel here FE NOEL

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