Oct 20, 2018

Maya Moore An Iconic Superstar

Only two women have ever graced the cover of SLAM magazine: Chamique Holdsclaw back in 1998, and now Minnesota Lynx superstar Maya Moore.

She has won at every level to college, overseas, WNBA and Olympics. She is the most iconic player of this generation. The first woman in the Jordan brand as well.

The WNBA needs more women to watch in order to stay viable. It’s no secret that NBA has been carrying the league since its inception.  It’s not the right audience, they say. But if women aren’t the right audience for women’s sports, then who is? And that, you see, is the real issue. The WNBA, and women’s sports in general, need more women to care. Notice I didn’t just say women. I said more women. The WNBA’s audience is 75 percent women. But those 75 percent make up a small fraction of the population. We need more women to read, watch, and soak up women’s sports the same way men do men’s sports. Think about it. Half the population in the United States is made up of women

"I try to be really careful about getting caught up in competing with men,” Maya tells SLAM.. “I think there’s a depth to what guys do and a depth to what women do.” I ask if there are quintessential qualities to being a great women’s basketball player. “I think one of the more obvious ones is that we have the ability to compete with each other,” she says. “You hear me? Not against. With each other.” She says it’s that way with the Lynx. “You can see the competing hard,” she says, “wanting to win, while celebrating each other. Obviously, there’s similarities,” she continues. “We’re athletic, we’re strong, women are physical specimens. We have strength and athleticism—it’s not the same level as a guy, and that’s OK, but what I can be respected for is my way to connect with people, or my strength in overcoming adversity. But if you don’t talk about that as being valuable, people overlook those little things that really are strength".

Women have to support women period. In my JT (from City Girls voice). It's ironic that the WNBA, a female centered league and organization, is hurting because of the lack of women interested. The WNBA needs women to step up and show out. It's not about the men. Its not about the skill. It's not about how the players look. It's about us going forth and supporting. Our young girls look up to these women and want to be like them when they grow up. It takes us as women to keep their dreams alive.

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