Aug 25, 2019

Designer Reign Apiim Is Healing Us With One Crystal At A Time

Jewelry designer and artist Reign Apiim is one of the freshest faces on Instagram via the New York sidewalk, is an entity all to herself. Reign Apiim founded Palais Apiim in June of 2013 after a year long journey collecting crystals and studying the symbolism of dreams.  After the crystals began to raise her vibrations and elevate abilities to manifest her goals, she decided to make treasures so everyone else can poses magic and abundant manifestation as well.

​Palais Apiim creates one of a kind jewelry starring high vibrational healing crystals, wire, beautifully ornate beading and now more delicate pieces.

Reign Apiim received her Bachelors In Fine Arts from Parsons the New School for Design where she studied fashion, ending with a special concentration in fabric treatments, textiles, prints and couture techniques. Parsons gave an immense amount of work ethic and a wealth of knowledge on Art History as it relates to fashion history, current history and fashion trends. During college Reign Apiim interned for Anna Sui, Melon Breton, Gwenyth Shoes and various designers for fashion week and beyond.

Very soon after graduating college Reign Apiim made the decision to become an entrepreneur while finding exactly who she is. She began to take a journey with her interests in dream symbolism (using her dreams to help her waking life as well as giving more understanding and insight into their dreams), collecting healing crystals, researching properties of crystals, practicing meditation, and writing empowering quotes to spread her high vibrations. This was the beginning of what would be her own movement and company.

​She understands the relationships between the seven chakras, color theory, spirituality, nature, colors you choose to wear, and food. Example. If you would like to open up your Base Chakra for survival, stability, grounding, and can with the color red. You can eat apples or any natural red food, meditate with red crystals picturing a red light moving through out your body, wear red, and focus on the color red in your surroundings until you feel like your Base Chakra is open.

One of the most fun and fruitful ways of living for Reign Apiim is self expression. She is constantly meeting people and answering questions about why she is dressed the way she does everyday. It comes from a deep appreciation of not only self expression and adornment, but also from studying art history since middle school. She sees herself as walking art and simply being comfortable in who she wants to be in this life. She evolves everyday into a new goddess and her daily style of choice reflects that. It is about living everyday as a sacred celebration to activate the divine within.

Everyone sees the world from a different perspective. To me, the most beautiful people are the ones who are a reflection of that perspective. It’s an attitude. You might not be looking your best, but if you’re happy and true to yourself there will be a light around you that people will naturally gravitate towards. So, throw away the idea that you have to look a certain way to be beautiful. Throw away the magazines and delete your browser history. If there is something you lean towards – a hair cut, a colour, whatever – start with that. Write about it. It’s not just about the makeup or the hair or the clothes, it’s about self-evaluation and self-discovery. Nurture yourself, and only then will you come into your true style.” - Reign Apiim 

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