Mar 15, 2019

Influencer: Nichole Lynel

Nichole Lynel is a Los Angeles based Fashion Designer Photographer, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur. In 2014, Nichole launched a very successful Los Angeles Based online boutique grossing over a million dollars in under 3 years. She models the pieces for her brand daily on both her personal and business accounts and makes you want to buy them. She knows how to sell you both the look and the mood. With over 218K Instagram followers, she inspires followers with inspirational quotes, a look at behind the scenes of her growing fashion brand.

She is a young, black and gifted entrepreneur.  A fashion maven with an amazing dedicated digital following.  Nichole Lynel’s brand inspires thousands of young women daily and true influencer. Style and sophistication is what you will find at Support this beautiful brand below.


INSTAGRAM: @nicholelynel


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