Dec 17, 2020

Manifesting: How To Write Letters To The Universe

Writing out what your hopes and dreams are, means that you have to get really clear and specific in your head, what it is that you want. Writing helps you to identify the little things that are important to you, that we otherwise might not be able to articulate and put in words, with clarity and brevity, what we wish to manifest.

The universe loves it when we are clear with what we want, because that makes the manifestation process so much easier and faster. Writing letters also means that we identify where we are in relation to our dreams, which gives our subconscious space to start finding solutions for us. Also, the writing process also helps us focus on our goals and remember what is truly important to us.

To receive the things that we dream of, we first have to prepare ourselves for them. Learning to RECEIVE is as important as learning to ASK for the things that we want in our lives. When we start to focus on the things that are really important to us, we become more sensitive and open to opportunities relating to those things, as well as more aware and able to respond when opportunities arise.

By writing down and creating a focused intention, we clearly let the universe know that we are ready for said thing, your attention for receiving becomes refined and you subconsciously begin to create space in your life for this thing. By creating the space and letting go of the stuff that is holding us back and no longer serves us, we, as if by magic, begin to manifest our desires very simply and easily.

1. Start your letter with a greeting. Dear Universe works. Sometimes I get all flamboyant and call her darling, sweetness and goddess.

2. The next part is your gratitude. Write all that you are thankful for in your life. Say thank you for all the manifested magic you’ve already received. Really delve into your appreciation for all you have, until you bask in a warm glow of abundance and gratitude. Manifesting works from how you FEEL and to receive abundance and fulfillment you have to feel abundant and fulfilled already.

3. Finally, write with great clarity and in as much finite details as you can, what you would like to manifest. Get really super clear on the what.

What it looks like.
What it feels like, and
Why you want to bring this into your life experience.

4. Then signature it with loving gratitude and be ready and open to receive.

Everything always happens in the perfect timing. Also, since time doesn’t exist, except for in our minds, the time it takes to for our dreams to realize, depends entirely on our clarity both in intention and in our subconscious. Sometimes we say we know what we want, but there’s actually limiting beliefs and blockages holding us back from receiving what we want, so we need to go back and clear those out until our energy field is completely and resolutely certain that this is what we want to manifest. Believe in yourself even when other's don't. 


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