Apr 30, 2019

How The Twin Flame Journey Is Self-Love

Twin flames, soulmates, divine love, unconditional love is an experience that contains many gems that we can apply to all relationships in life.

Being together is not always about being together physically.

I have had the experience of a friend telling me, “I couldn’t get you out of my head yesterday,” only to find that I experienced the same phenomenon with them. It has happened enough now for me to no longer view it as mere coincidence. You don't have to see your twin rarely physically, but they are often in the background of my thoughts, even when your not consciously trying to imagine them there. They shows up in your dreams, even when you go for long periods of time without seeing or speaking to him. Sometimes, your dreams about them will relay a feeling or truth that your unable to dismiss. The feelings have been mixed, but there are times that the love has felt undeniable. When you think of someone often, inexplicably, and you feel an intense energy for and around them, trust that there is a point and purpose to it, even if you do not see one another very much. Perhaps the conversations between you will not always seem profound or loving, but energy does not lie. Probably one of the hardest things but love from a distance.

Codependence can block true love.

Codependence, in this experience, is a need for the other to feel a certain way about you before you can feel that way about yourself. If you are withholding anything from yourself because you want your twin or another person to validate it first, this is not truly love. If you need your twin flame in your life to have a good life, this is not truly love. You may feel that you hold pure intentions, but any action you take out of fear of losing the other will carry that vibration of fear, and the other will be able to sense it. This is why, many times, our twins run or we experience discordance in our interactions. It is important to understand what codependence is and become conscious of our fears and how they manifest in our words and actions. With consciousness, we hold the key to create our future and better versions of ourselves. With codependence, we give all that power away; we subconsciously block possibilities of true love.

Being together physically is not always love.

Time, attention, and sex do not equal love. Humans have a limited period to spend on Earth and we cannot be multiple places at once, so sometimes we experience restrictions when it comes to our loved ones that we would most enjoy seeing. We give our time and attention to things that we do not love, every day. Precious little of it seems to go toward feelings of joy, love, or contentment. It does not come naturally, to look toward love, unless perhaps we are babies and have not been conditioned to do otherwise yet. I feel that now humanity is turning toward love more than ever before, but we still have a distance to cross. If you feel that your twin flame experience is not “enough,” look at what you think of as true love and examine it. Be willing to expand your ideas; be willing to be curious, to be wrong.

Union must occur within.

We all have feminine and masculine energy to unite inside ourselves. One way this union can occur is when we act upon our creative ideas. Another way to be in union is to align your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings with your words and actions. I think of this as the true meaning of authenticity. If you cannot accept yourself, another cannot accept you. It is the same with love. When we fight against who we are, we will believe everyone else is too, even when they aren’t. It is possible to be in a physical relationship without first being united within oneself, but it is bound to make the relationship fraught with triggers and pain. Love is quite simple, but many times, we overcomplicate it. Trust us ladies we definitely overcomplicate things by overthinking way too much. You will never lose your twin flame because you are always connected. The work has to be done first though. You have completely honest with yourself and this self-love.

Just as when you think of being fully in love with a partner, you experience feelings such as unconditional love, adoration, compassion, and forgiveness and when you experience self-love, you have these feelings about yourself! You look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of how amazing and lovable you are. The Twin Flame Journey is Self- Love. It teaches you all the love your giving you must out it back into yourself. Everyday practices of gratitude and love from family will help you along the way. We are all one of a kind. Don't settle and don't underestimate yourself. Take a break from social media whenever you can and get the noise out your head. Do things that make you happy and meet new people. Now that is real peace.


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