Apr 18, 2019

Influencer: Kamil Oshundara


When Style Meets Spirituality there is no where you can't go.  Kamil is authentic with her tattoos, markings, jewelry, and piercings, honor the richness of indigeneity, her Yoruba religion, her ancestry, gender fluidity and a “don’t mess” confrontation with Western beauty standards. A spoken wordsmith, queer curator, and cultural exec at Monkeypaw Productions (‘Get Out’ and ‘Blackkklansman’).

 Kamil’s life is her art. Kamil Oshundara has joined Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions in a unique role not seen very often in Hollywood production circles.

Oshundara will specialize in academic and cultural research, with her work woven into storylines and character development, according to the company. Part of her work will also involve diving deep into the genre material in the hopes of producing “critically conscious media” that better represents marginalized groups. She was born in Philadelphia and raised outside of Atlanta, is scholar, queer community organizer, author, artist and activist who curates inclusive arts-based events in Los Angeles. She come from an academic background with a joint degree from UCLA in African-American studies and world arts and cultures. With a Scorpio rising & sun she is very powerful and I'm so excited to continue to see her work with Monekypaw Productions.  

Follow Kamil's journey on Instagram @K6mil

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