Nov 23, 2019

Enjoy Your Life with Shannon Boodram and Jared Brady

A friends with benefits relationship quickly evolved to be so much more. The rapper/producer and the sexologist/intimacy expert are widely known for putting familiar faces to the non-traditional relationship style "open relationship," particularly on Shannon's YouTube channel.  Shannon Boodram is the Internet’s most sought-after, certified sex educator, dating coach and relationship expert with over 40 million YouTube views alongside her mainstream coverage across all the major TV networks, The New York Times, Forbes and Time Magazine.

Boodram is a best-selling author, her new book, “The Game Of Desire: 5 Surprising Secrets to Dating with Dominance and Getting What You Want,” got critical acclaim from TIME, Apple and Refinery29. Her previous book, “LAID," was a Canadian best-seller. My love for Shan goes deep as I've been following her youtube channel for a few years now. I have become more in tuned with my body and sexuality. Thank you Shan for the showing women we are in charge of ourselves in every way.

Jared Brady first put out his music 2 years ago, he has shared his process, the ups and the downs on social media and of course, through his lyrics. His down-to-earth vibes and willingness to open up has built a following of fans that highly respect him as a creative. I've become a fan of Jared through Shan Boody's channel as she always supports him in all of his endeavors.

As of December 2018 Shannon Boodram and Jared Brady have officially tied the knot and our now married! With a beautiful intimate ceremony surrounded by family, friends, and of course, plenty of love. Marriage is a unity. It's not settling, it isn’t giving up on your personal dreams, it’s finding someone to help you build each other’s dreams. I see that through Shan and Jared and it's so beautiful. Real, honest communication and a true partnership.

For more Shannon and Jared, be sure to follow the couple on Instagram @shanboody and @enjoyjaredbrady.

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