Jan 25, 2020

Simple Mindset Shifts For 2020

 I believe that the more we work on becoming the women we dream to be through our small, everyday actions, the closer our goals and dreams will appear. Here are some mindset shifts for the new year.


 Reflecting on your past struggles or looking for a common theme between your new goals will help guide this. Meditate and understand what you want to truly manifest this year and for years to come. Take risk and just go! Face your fears. By doing an actionable activity that will help you to push past fear, it will help you to keep moving through your goals when you get overwhelmed, distracted, or afraid to keep going.


We must show up as the woman that we one day want to be. Put more effort into taking care of yourself and how you present yourself to others not just through work, but everyday life.

I've done this personally, by creating a Pinterest board with all my celeb fashion inspirations. Hailey Bieber is one of current style killers.Thrift store hunt for cute finds, or even trying a new hairstyle. I change my hair once a month! When you show up confident like a boss, people will have no choice but to be attracted to your energy.


Mindfulness is a type of meditation that asks us to focus on being aware of what we’re thinking, and accepting it, versus just trying to clear our minds. After all, our minds are intended to think, project, and reflect. So if you’re hoping to lower your stress levels in 2020, mindful meditation could be exactly what you’re looking for. Simply log into YouTube and find a quiet nighttime meditation to fall asleep to. Our minds are so full and we must clear it.

Be a better you everyday. We are all living and learning so never feel like you must have it all figured out. Don't put that stress on yourself. Live life to your fullest potential.

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