Apr 9, 2020

How B.Simone Manifested One Million Dollars

B Simone had one goal and that was to be a millionaire by her 30th birthday.

She has been able to transform her success into a profitable business and brand but it doesn’t stop there. The social media influencer and entrepreneur has just announced that she has until her 30th birthday on April 5 to reach her goal of earning $1 million through her independent business ventures to officially become a millionaire.

At the start of this journey, Simone promoted her merch store, B Inspired By B. Simone, and B. Simone Beauty, a vegan and cruelty-free makeup collection. Also, the licensed beautician offered hair services, including sew-ins.

Though Simone’s pace has been slow but steady, the pandemic thwarted several of her money-making plans. As a result, a variety of expenses have become a financial hurdle, including cancellations and returned deposits. That didn't stop her.

Simone's new four-chapter book, “Baby Girl Manifest The Life You Want,” is another resource to help inch her closer to a milli. It’s part workbook, part diary that details the road from her humble beginnings to now. B Simone brought in birthday with 1 Million dollars in her personal account. It's not about the money but the power of manifestation. When you truly believe that you can make it happen the Universe will guide you.


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