Dec 12, 2020

2020 Style Replay: Juliette Foxx

Juliette Foxx aka @romeosfashionfix a UK based bilingual freelance content creator/graphic designer and social media influencer with a background in fashion design. Her background in fashion design shines through all of her posts and outfit choices where her keen attention to detail is always evident.

The Pink-haired fashionista plays with different colour palettes while creating style inspiration for any and every event possible; her Instagram feed could serve as a mood board for your style, she also serves street style goals, and you can definitely learn a thing or two about posing from her too! Fashion is fun, beautiful, diverse, there’s a lot of variety, and it is constantly changing. 

She pays a lot of attention to details. Look at how her accessories further bring the outfit to life. It’s the little things; from the bag to the shoes to the hats and oh, the sunglasses and gloves. She has the fashion but she creates style. Just a little inspo for our closets. Just because it's a global pandemic going on doesn't mean you can't be fly during it. We shall keep serving.

Media courtesy of RomeosFashionfix’s Instagram.

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