Jul 5, 2020

Why Alex Isley Is In Her Own Lane

Singer songwriter and producer, Alex Isley was drawn to music and performing at an early age. Musical talent runs in her family roots noting that Alex’s father Ernie Isley, and her uncles together make up widely known group The Isley Brothers. From beginning performances in the living room to elementary school talent shows, she started to develop a passion that would lead to a career as a musician.

She started classical vocal training at the age of 12 and later went on to attend the LA County High School for the Arts, where she discovered her love for not only listening to, but for performing jazz as well.

Singers such as Ella Fitzgerald and Kurt Elling made an immense impression on her and her approach to performing, which she incorporated in her performances as a Jazz Studies major at UCLA. During her college years, Alex began songwriting, drawing from her own life experiences as well as those of friends and family. She wrote most of what would later become her first self-written and produced debut EP, “The Love/Art Memoirs,” which she released in Spring, 2012. The EP’s single, “Set In Stone,” was featured in the film “The Last Fall,” which debuted on BET and is currently airing on Netflix.

Alex’s third and most-recent self-written & produced collective,
L U X U R Y, is now available on Bandcamp and iTunes. She is currently working on several visuals as well as planning to take to the stage nationwide and beyond.

Alex Isley and Jack Dine surprised us with Wilton late last year, it was love at first listen. The unexpected project centered on the highs and lows of relationships and the collaboration turned out to be one of the year's best. Lucky for us, it turns out that the duo has more new music in store for 2020, starting with their latest single, "Gone." She is in her own lane musically. Music is in her blood.

From her Los Angeles home, Isley takes us on a tour of her discography, starting with "About Him" from 2013's Dreams in Analog and closing with her latest single, "Gone." Let her take you there.


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