Nov 29, 2020

Influencer: Tobe Nwigwe A Transcending Artist

 Tobe Nwigwe, the Houston rapper has become an internet sensation that has transformed into a hip-hop powerhouse. With a fan base that includes Jidenna, Erykah Badu and Sway Calloway. I discovered Tobe a few months ago and his music is truly a movement. Elevation to healing I would say. Tobe is to me what walking in your purpose looks like. Nothing forced just true artistry. 

His music is not just him but a family affair. With his creative partners wife Fat along with producer LaNell Grant. The women are involved in every aspect of his projects, from visuals to choreography and production. They infuse a softness into his emotionally dense work. They have created art that serves both as an homage to Blackness and spiritual awakening.

I feel in a sense Tobe is making purpose popular. Self help rap. Conscious rap like pioneers Common, Mos Def, Andre 3000 but with a shape shifting twist. Tobe Nwigwe has lifted me up and gotten be more creative through this pandemic. Discovering purpose is the journey of life. 

Thank you Tobe.


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