Nov 22, 2020

IYLA Gives Us Other Ways To Vent

Los Angeles native Iyla, is taking over the music scene by storm. With her unique fusion of R&B, soul and pop, Iyla is redefining the genre with sense and sensibility. Her debut EP, War + Raindrops, released October 2018 garnered rapt attention from critics and fans. With her deep vocals, and airy instrumentals all accompanied by stunning visuals. Other Ways To Vent her second EP goes deeper into the identity she's begun to carve out for herself. "Tattoo Tears" is how I was introduced to Iyla. A unique song that I replayed over and over. It resonated so well with me when I first heard it. I STAN.

“As someone who is inherently introverted and reserved, music is the way that I connect, and in creating this EP I felt the freedom to be more emotionally expressive, the LA talent says. “These seven songs consist of me venting about everything from joy and self-love to heartache and anxiety. It documents my journey over the last year and a half. It speaks for me…” - Iyla


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