Dec 31, 2020

Tamron Hall Serves Daytime Television

The Emmy-winning host Tamron Hall dresses with a dramatic flair where the standard has long been a subdued wardrobe that doesn’t distract from breaking news. Tamron's style is chic, sophisticated, and risk-taking. She has an affinity for emerging designers, runway artistry, and work by creators of color. Her show is fresh and she is always authentically herself. 

She tells Vogue "Her love of fashion started early. Raised in Luling, Texas, she studied the confident way the women in her family carried themselves, and the glamorous outfits they put together each week for their Sunday service. “I was raised in the Southern Baptist Church, which includes the Bible, good hats, and a lot of color in your clothing,” she says. “My mother and my aunt were not wealthy women, of course, but on Sundays, they expressed their fashion identity. Ironically, it was in church. [My grandmother] was known for her hats, which would be the talk of the town each Sunday.” Hall recently shared a photo of herself at seven years old wearing a three-piece crop top suit, underscoring her lifelong love of fashion. “I’m not sure about the top being appropriate, but it was cute!” she says. “Appreciation for fashion has always been part of the fabric of my life, pun intended.” - Tamron Hall


At the start of her career as a reporter for a local station in Fort Worth, the double standards of workplace attire became apparent. Certain clothing was deemed to be unprofessional and now she has her own show where is able to truly shine inside and out. Tamron is inspiring and serves us looks consistently on her show. I love tuning in to see what she is wearing and how she inspires us through her show. #BlackGirlMagic


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