Jan 19, 2021

Savannah Cristina Show Us Self-Care

 Self Care chronicles the reconciliations of heartbreak, loneliness, and love. Savannah Cristina debuts a therapeutic ‘Self-Care’ 7-track release available on all streaming platforms. The intro track, "Self Love," is a soulful meditation of choosing oneself wherein Cristina decides she’s better off single than accepting subpar treatment from a significant other. A major take away from Self Care is to prioritize your well being, no matter the circumstance.

Savannah's also has her earlier independent projects, 2017’s Mango Season and 2018’s Florida Girl. Throughout life, we go through these phases and we all need self-care. Savannah Cristina is surely a vibe and just getting started at 23 years old. We all need "Soul therapy" which means that it’s music for the soul so that you can reach a different level of being. It is always needed for us to tap into ourselves and heal what ever from the inside out. 

Listen to Savannah Cristina HERE 



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