Mar 6, 2021


 I Am Athlete podcast is a candid, unscripted weekly discussion between former NFL greats: Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, Fred Taylor, and Channing Crowder. These gridiron giants pull no punches and have no filter while expressing themselves on the importance of the issues and topics they cover. The podcast is growing in popularity and its subscribers due to the panelists being authentically themselves in sharing their thoughts and views on relevant topics covered each week. Making a weekly appearance, Chef Nancie, not only prepares delicious meals for the guys to try but also serves up some knowledge as the discussions heat up. A new episode premieres every Monday at 12pm Eastern. I enjoy everything about I AM ATHLETE because it's real honest conversations about the sports world, relationships, marriage, and overall mental health. 


 I AM ATHLETE is a thought-provoking and in-depth podcast that offers multiple perspectives on subjects ranging from sports to controversial topics to fashion to lifestyle covering all cultural conversations and building a platform to educate but encourage viewers to engage. I love this podcast and now we have a spinoff called I AM WOMAN with Michi Marshall, Sharelle Rosado, Aja Crowder, and Ashley Wheeler. They are strong beautiful women who are married to professional athletes and discuss how they navigate through married life and creating their happiness.



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